Multimedia Services

Our team of engineers is familiar with all the latest multimedia applications and tools, and at the same time has a thorough understanding of today’s software–driven localization processes.

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“Embracing complexity with enthusiasm.”

Our comprehensive services include:

Image localization and recreation

In specific projects, we encounter non-editable or non readable images or graphics that require localization. In such instances, our expertise allows us to recreate these visuals using the appropriate applications. Moreover, our proficiency extends to tailoring graphics to diverse cultures and regions while preserving their inherent essence.

Subtitling services

We carefully synchronize subtitles with the audio, making sure they fit perfectly and create a smooth and immersive viewing experience. Also, we can create subtitles from scratch if needed.

Voiceovers services

We can smoothly insert and synchronize voiceovers (VO) into your content. We also work with text-to-speech tools if requested.

Video services

We specialize in recreating and localizing videos. This may include dubbing, subtitle adjustments, and localization of the On-Screen-Text (OST).

Website and App localization

Our website and app localization team has got you covered. We’ll make sure your online space vibes with different cultures, languages, and preferences. It’s like giving your platform a passport to connect anywhere.

Bringing Your Content to the World: Masterful Multimedia Localization Services.

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Our Professional Process

At Linguagraphics, our commitment to excellence is woven into every step of our process. From the moment we receive your project, to the final delivery of completed work.

Step 01

Request Reception

Your project begins the moment we receive your request. Occasionally, you might not have all the necessary source files ready for a detailed quote. That's not a problem at all! At LinguaGraphics, we're flexible. We can provide a ballpark or budgetary quote to help you start planning. We welcome all your queries and thrive on finding solutions to meet your unique needs.

Step 02

File Analysis & Quotation

Our experts meticulously analyze your files to create an accurate and fair quote tailored to your project's needs.

Step 03

Preparation for translation

Upon your approval, we prepare the files for translation, ensuring that all elements are optimized for the process.

Step 04

Post-Translation Formatting

When the files return from translation, we format them meticulously, ensuring that they align seamlessly with the source materials.

Step 05

Internal Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality is our priority. We conduct a rigorous QA process to verify the accuracy and consistency of the localized material.

Step 06

LQA / Client Review

We then send the files to you for review. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we welcome any changes or suggestions you may have.

Step 07

Implementation of Changes

Upon receiving your feedback, we implement any necessary changes to the content. Our aim is to ensure the final output meets your expectations.

Step 08

Final Delivery

Once you approve the updated files, we send the final outputs. Our mission is to provide you with top-quality, accurately localized files that meet your needs perfectly.

Our localization skills know no limits;
We master languages of every kind.