eLearning Development

At LinguaGraphics, we specialize in transforming your provided storyboards into dynamic, interactive eLearning courses. From start to finish, we’re dedicated to delivering eLearning experiences that maintain your brand integrity and reach a global audience.

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“We don’t just offer services - we provide solutions.”

Why choose us?

Proven Track Record | Over the years, we’ve assisted countless businesses, institutions, and individuals in achieving their goals through interactive, engaging, and impactful eLearning modules.

Versatility | Our portfolio spans a wide array of industries and content types. From corporate training modules and academic courses to skill-based tutorials, we’ve done it all.

Custom Solutions | Every project is unique. We understand that and provide tailor-made solutions to meet the distinct needs of each client. 

Our Expertise in eLearning Tools


    As one of the most versatile eLearning tools, Storyline has been our firm companion in creating interactive courses that captivate learners. Our designers and developers have an intimate understanding of its functionalities, ensuring we leverage its full potential for your benefit.

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    For responsive, modern, and web-friendly courses, we turn to Rise. Its mobile-first approach ensures that learners can access courses on any device, anytime, anywhere. We craft seamless learning experiences with Rise that are both informative and engaging.

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    Adobe’s Captivate allows us to craft immersive learning experiences, especially simulations, screencasts, and branching scenarios. Our expertise ensures that every Captivate course we develop resonates with the audience and achieves the desired learning outcomes.


    Renowned for its power and flexibility, Lectora is our go-to for sophisticated eLearning projects. From SCORM-compliant courses to AICC and xAPI, we harness Lectora’s vast capabilities to deliver top-notch learning solutions.

We prioritize your vision, creating educational content that resonates with learners. Our unique service includes engineering support for localization, ensuring your course can be effectively translated and adapted to multiple languages.

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Our Professional Process

At Linguagraphics, our commitment to excellence is woven into every step of our process. From the moment we receive your project, to the final delivery of completed work.

Step 01

Request Reception

Your project begins the moment we receive your request. Occasionally, you might not have all the necessary source files ready for a detailed quote. That's not a problem at all! At LinguaGraphics, we're flexible. We can provide a ballpark or budgetary quote to help you start planning. We welcome all your queries and thrive on finding solutions to meet your unique needs.

Step 02

File Analysis & Quotation

Our experts meticulously analyze your files to create an accurate and fair quote tailored to your project's needs.

Step 03

Preparation for translation

Upon your approval, we prepare the files for translation, ensuring that all elements are optimized for the process.

Step 04

Post-Translation Formatting

When the files return from translation, we format them meticulously, ensuring that they align seamlessly with the source materials.

Step 05

Internal Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality is our priority. We conduct a rigorous QA process to verify the accuracy and consistency of the localized material.

Step 06

LQA / Client Review

We then send the files to you for review. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we welcome any changes or suggestions you may have.

Step 07

Implementation of Changes

Upon receiving your feedback, we implement any necessary changes to the content. Our aim is to ensure the final output meets your expectations.

Step 08

Final Delivery

Once you approve the updated files, we send the final outputs. Our mission is to provide you with top-quality, accurately localized files that meet your needs perfectly.

Our localization skills know no limits;
We master languages of every kind.

We specialize in a range of popular eLearning tools, including Storyline, Rise, Captivate, and Lectora. Our team has vast experience in harnessing the capabilities of these platforms to produce high-quality, interactive learning experiences.

While these languages are supported, there might be some limitations depending on the chosen eLearning tool and specific design elements. We always recommend discussing any specific requirements during the project’s initial phases to ensure smooth execution.

We believe in a collaborative approach. Throughout the development process, we schedule regular check-ins and reviews with our clients. Feedback is always welcome, and we allocate time for revisions to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with your vision. Please refer to our “Good Practices feedback”.

Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to us through the contact tab in this website. One of our eLearning specialists will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and guide you through the next steps. Please kindly see our “Essential Details for your Request” guideline.

Engagement is key for effective learning. We use a mix of multimedia elements like videos, VO, animations, simulations, CC, and interactive quizzes. The choice of interactivity depends on the content type, learner profile, and desired learning outcomes.